Q:What is St. Louis Turn Key Rentals

A: Our company provides rental properties to investors that want high return with no hassles. All of our properties are sold with tenants already in them and are managed by our property management team. You do not have to do anything but collect checks each month.

Q: I do not know much about real estate investing, is it a difficult process?

A:  St. Louis Turn Key Rentals has made the process of investing in residential real estate extremely simple.  We maintain a level of transparency that most investment companies do not, and we work with you every step of the way.  You do not have to be fluent in real estate in order to own your own rental property!

Q:How do I know I am getting a good investment

A: Before investing in any of our properties we go over the numbers with you in full detail. We show you all of the expenses and costs involved as well as cap rate and cash on cash return. All of our properties are renovated and have tenants in them there are not any “surprise expenses”

Why invest in a city that I do not live in, and why St. Louis ?

A:  Because the cash flow numbers work.  The rent in relation to the purchase price of the home is quite high in comparison to other parts of the country.  Not to mention, the St. Louis area continues to experience exceptional appreciation in rental prices.  St. Louis is one of very few markets with an ample supply of houses that include both high rents and low acquisition prices.

Q- Do I do repairs to the property once I own it?

A: When you invest in a property from us, our property managers will handle any future repairs to the property. Our program is truly a turnkey hands of process for you.

Q: Should I hire a property inspector?

A:  It’s up to you. We hire inspectors to inspect the property when we purchase it and all of our properties go through a municipal or city occupancy inspection before the tenants can move in. You can always hire your own property inspector in order to maintain confidence and transparency throughout the entire process.

Do I have to see the property before I close on it?

A:  Absolutely not. You are more than welcome to view the properties but most of our clients purchase them unseen.  We will provide pictures, and videos of the property as well as full inspection reports and any other details you need to feel comfortable with the transaction. However, our door is always open to investors who would like to view their rental property first hand.

Q: Can I use my own local bank, or do you have preferred lenders?

A:  We strongly urge each and every one of our investors to use our local, preferred lenders. They understand working with investors, investment properties, understand our market, and are very familiar with our company.  We have established strong partnerships with them and because we consistently feed them new business and they will provide you with superior customer service.  Choosing to go with an out of state bank as your lender could cause delays because they are unfamiliar with our investment market.

Q: Does your company invest in rental properties also?

A: No, our company focuses on investing only. It would be a conflict of interest for us to own rental properties.

Q:What is the average return on investment?

A: Our company cannot legally guarantee any specific return. However our company only offers the best houses we can find shooting for higher than average cap rates, and cash on cash ROI. We will cover the numbers with you in detail before ay investments are made.