Why St Louis to Invest?

Saint Louis is a stable and growing real estate market. We do not have the high ups and downs like other states, which is important for us as investors. St. Louis consistently is ranked as one of the top areas for investing and rental properties. That is due to our affordable houses prices and strong rental market. We see often double or triple the average cap rate and cash on cash return that investors get in other areas. Here are some case studies of other Turn Key Investments: Please pay attention to the cap rate and notice that we account for all expenses and calculate the cap rate after expenses which most investors do not do This shows you actual numbers in your pocket not the inflated numbers most people will try to sell you on Please note that prices will vary in each county and city depending on neighborhood and these examples were pulled from past deals, just to give you an idea of some of the properties we can offer for you. These are all single family houses but we also offer duplex and 4plex units for sale.